This Week’s Top Ten Stories

1) Not able to make SXSW this year ? Well neither could Edward Snowden.Still he did manage to appear via video link. 

2) Here are some SXSW music highlights from Spotify and Interactive Highlights from The Huffington Post. 

3) So we have all seen First Kiss. There were of course many resultant parodies, including Jimmy Fallon’s endearing take for the Tonight Showinvolving pet animals. Here is a perspective on why the original is great content. 

4) According to TED – The Ten Most World Changing Ads. 

5) Here’s an amazing collection of winning shots from the Sony Photography Awards. 

6) A trip down memory lane in pictures – From the BBC : London’s Bridges through the ages. 

7) Interesting piece from Frederic Filloux in his Monday Note – What Apple’s CarPlay is, and most importantly, what it isn’t. CarPlay could be a very smart way to hitch a ride on many in-car systems without having to struggle with their design and cost challenges, yet another ecosystem extension play. 

8) Fortune ranks the World’s Greatest Leaders. Pope Francis tops the list closely followed by Angela Merkel. No sign of Barak Obama though.

9) Made in the Future is an effort to capture our musings about what a not-so-distant tomorrow might look like. Our tools-faster, cheaper, and more out of control than ever-have triggered seismic shifts in how we design manufacture and distribute. 

10) The latest video from Old Spice is full on – approach with caution and volume on low.

And finally, What The Internet Has Done For Us. We like this humorous pictorial take from Modern T .