This Week’s Top Ten Stories

1) Storythings took place at Conway Hall on Friday 21st March. Awonderful , inspiring and eclectic mix of speakers organised by @matlock read more. You know you are at something special when the the last session of the day , traditionally the graveyard slot , included an appearance by Alan Rusbridger. Here is @huey from Storythings, with an excellent Storify of the day’s tweets: read more. And here is a Vine created in one of the sessions – read more 

2) The Internet is nearly 25 – From The Next Draft – With the World Wide Web on the cusp of its 25th birthday, Pew Research took a look at how we feel about it . About 87% of American adults use the Internet and most of us think it’s a pretty good thing that has strengthened our personal relationships. And here’s the most surprising finding: About three-quarters of those surveyed have found that people on the Internet are mostly kind to one another – read more. And GCHQ , part of Britain’s surveillance operation, has been monitoring people’s use of Yahoo’s webcam service. Not much of interest on there from an espionage perspective, but it appears that an (un?) surprising number of people are using it to show parts of their anatomy to other people – read more 

3) ….and Internet shopping is really big isn’t it? Well it is actually very small when compared to offline shopping – read more 

4) This via @neilperkin and from Tom Whitwell former Head of Digital at The Times on newspaper paywalls – Tom knows a thing or two about pricing in digital, being behind the introduction of the Times paywall strategy in 2010…. his talk was fascinating not least because (as Tom points out) pricing is psychologically interesting, but also because it has direct and significant business impact (what seems like small changes can have a huge effect) and yet is rarely talked about. Tom talks about some of the psychology involved, the experiences of introducing the paywall, and how they later went about transitioning customers to enable them to double the price – read more 

5) Great stuff from @mariapopova this week – advice from Artists on ‘how you can overcome your creative block’ read more, Alice Walker ( the nobel prize winning author ) on Creativity read more, and how ‘Writers Write and Innovators Innovate’ – read more 

6) Interesting perspective from Wired on – Facebook, WhatsApp and Inside the High Stakes Battle to Control How You Talk to Your Friends read more 

7) Wonderful – Freud’s Life and Legacy in cartoons : For much of human history, our beliefs have been based on the assumption that people are fundamentally bad. Strip away a person’s smile and you’ll find a grotesque, writhing animal-thing. Human instincts have to be controlled, and religions have often been guides for containing the demons. Sigmund Freud held a similar view: Psychotherapy was his method of making the unconscious conscious, helping people restrain their bestial desires and accord with the moral laws of civilization – read more 

8) Underground Cities – why your next move may be under your feet read more 

9) Da Poke Shack is a small restaurant in a condo complex in Hawaii.According to Yelp – it is America’s top rated restaurant – read more 

10) Man runs a loop-the-loop for the first time – read more