This Week’s Top Ten Stories

25th January

1) The most photographed cities on Earth , according to Google Topping off the list at No. 1 is New York, followed closely by Rome (No. 2) and Barcelona (No. 3). European cities take up eight spots in the top 10 list, but South America also made it, with Buenos Aires at No. 9. – Read More 

2) Interesting Tech Trends for 2014, courtesy of Frog design. Most interesting one is the increasing proclivity for anonymity on the web and social media in particular – Read More 

3) The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette – Read More 

4) The Superbowl is coming up and for anyone involved in advertising, the Superbowl commercials are worth a look. The cost of a 30″ ad s $4,000,000 . From Businessweek: Super Bowl Ad Insanity Explained in
Six Charts
 – read more. 
Here is another look at the legendary Apple Mac commercial which first aired in the 1984 Superbowl – Read More 

5) From The Next Draft – We know the machines are coming and we know they’re going to take our jobs. According to one economist, nearly half of American jobs will be automated over the next couple of decades. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson takes a stab at predicting which it will be – Read More 

6) The map of the book – Jack Kerouac’s Hand-Drawn Map of the Hitchhiking Trip Narrated in On the Road – Read More 

7) Bitcoin, the virtual currency, takes a leap into the real world as it is accepted as payment in two downtown Las Vegas hotels – Read More 

8) With a hat tip to Aristotle, The New Yorker’s, Maria Konnikova takes a look at what it is about content that makes you want to share: The six things that make stories go viral will amaze, and maybe infuriate you – Read More 

9) The world’s 85 richest people are wealthier than the world’s poorest 3 billion – Read More 

10) And finally, this was the week of Angry Athletes – Richard Sherman of the NFL team the Seattle Seahawks blocked a pass and then went into overdrive against Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers – the intended receiver. The interviewer looks more than a little alarmed by his outburst –read more. 

Surprisingly, this was not the most angry sporting display of the week. This accolade went to speed skater, Sjinkie Knegt of the Netherlands – who appears to be an extraordinarily bad loser – Read More