Top 10 Stories

18th July 2015

1) A new Tinder app on the Apple watch ‘can tell’ whether  you like someone based on your heart beat.

2) From Alan De Botton, a really great, re-assuring piece.  How not to let work explode your life. For example, how not to think this way – ‘Our own less satisfactory life must be due to our own failings. If we were cleverer, more efficient, more emotionally mature, more self-controlled … then everything would fall into place’.

3) Brilliant – ? Google is hiring an SEO manager  to improve Google’s rankings on Google.

4) In a world where online brands are paying big money for content, how much is Facebook paying publishers for content ? – $ Zero.  Why Facebook Instant Articles Just Don’t Add Up for Publishers.

5) Meanwhile –  Facebook Is Testing Ad-Supported Videos, and will share revenue with creators.

6) Powerful stuff – @Copyranter to digital marketers:  Give up. ‘(It) is mostly tech’s fault. It has provided too many platforms for too many of you marketing communications types intent on commenting on and revising every good idea, almost universally making them worse’ .

This line of thought, is very much in tune with Bill Hicks great piece on The Evils of Marketing.

7) In 1995 Stewart Brand, founder of The Whole Earth Catalog (described by Steve Jobs as “Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along”) wrote a book about how buildings adapt to the changing world around them, called  How Buildings Learn– a great series of videos.

8) Pictures from Pluto – NASA mission culminates with images of former ninth planet that  shows a huge mountain range of ice (video).

9) Nintendo chief, Satoru Iwatu has sadly passed away, but thanks to him we are all gamers now

“Importantly, he wasn’t the kind of gamer who wanted to keep gaming to himself. He didn’t draw any lines in the sand to delineate what constituted a “real” videogame. Nor was he a craven businessman who saw non-gamers as wallets ripe for the plundering with pandering, exploitative software. He saw them as potential converts to his beloved form of entertainment, people who deserved to play just as much as anyone else”

10) Approach with some caution. These anti-drink driving commercials from Mexico pull no punches.  What’s the worst that could happen?