This Week’s Top 10 Stories

1) IBM reveals its top five innovation predictions for the next five years

– The classroom will learn you.

– Buying local will beat online.

– Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well.

– A digital guardian will protect you online.

– The city will help you live in it. – Read More

2) This is excellent. As reported last week, Fox News ‘confirmed’ that Santa Claus is white.
Here Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show) annihilates Megyn Kelly, from Fox, on her ‘White Santa’ Non-Apology – Read More

3) Here is Google’s full Zeitgeist 2013 where you can dig into many lists of the top searches in different categories
including top appetiser (Tomato Mozzarella), top beer (Blue Moon), top TV show (Breaking Bad), and top dance moves (somehow, YMCA still managed to crack the top five) – Read More

4) Definitely worth a look – The 2013 Jealousy List: The 41 Best Stories (and One Book) We Didn’t Write – Read More

5) Pixar animators do amusing sketches of NFL confrontations – Read More

6) Want to know exactly what you were doing at any time in the past? Google’s Location History Browser Is A Minute-By-Minute Map Of Your Life – Read More

7) An interesting and (from a blogger’s perspective) slightly worrying suggestion – Sometime  in the past few years, the blog died. In 2014, people will finally notice – Read More

8) The Best Data Visualisations of 2013 – Read More

9) Even if this is a little schmaltzy for your taste – it is a clever idea , nicely executed. And of course we all know a boy like the one in the video. It got me anyway… Apple’s Heartwarming Holiday Ad for the iPhone 5S – Read More

10) For those ( like me ) who have no head for heights – this is very unsettling : Step into the void above the French Alps – Read More