Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

20th Sept 2014

1) “We live in a world awash with information, but we seem to face a growing scarcity of wisdom…” Maria Popova on knowledge, wisdom and storytelling ( short video ).

2) Like the look of this – The Long and The Short – a new publication telling stories of innovation. The first topic is one I discuss a lot with my clients – Re-interpreting, Re-using and Re-thinking.

3) Bored with iPhone and iWatch reviews ? Here is a typically refreshing perspective from @stephenfry – who to me, is somewhat like Samuel Johnson’s description of London – if your tired of him ‘then you must be tired of life’.

4) Exponential. Why the world should actually care about Africa’s Ebola epidemic, in one alarming chart.

5) Love or Hate It, Why Predictive Analytics Is The Next Big Thing.

6) Even if you are not a fan – go and see 20,000 Days on Earth , the compelling documentary and enchanting exposition of Nicks Cave’s creative process. Right up there in the musical documentary genre I reckon.

This from @urbanjunkies – “The plot is a simple one: a day in the life of Nick – 24 hours, to be precise. Expect a little bit of reality, drama and fiction as the film delves into the creative process that informed major points in Cave’s life and career. Expect a few cameos (Kylie Minogue, Conway Savage…), and, of course, a top-shelf soundtrack”.

I saw the producers – Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard discuss the project earlier this year at the wonderful @storythings produced The Story conference.

7) Re-assuring – From The Atlantic – Everything: You’re Doing It Wrong.

8) Nicely done – The worst client comments turned into posters.

9) You can’t be everybody’s Girlfriend – some great pitch tips from @adcontrarian.

10) George Kourounis took a GoPro and dives into an active volcano ….. so you wouldn’t have to.

Finally… a little light reading and viewing for the weekend –

Some workout – Watch a pedestrian race a Tube train from one station to the next – and win.

Dilbert on Leadership (spoiler alert – it’s not very inspiring…).

A bearded man runs around New York City, high-fiving people trying to hail cabs.

Need a hug? Here it is – the nicest place on the Internet.