Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

23rd August 2014

1) It’s (only) 10 years since it’s IPO. Here are some predictions for the next 10 years of Google. Some observations – a greater involvement in Education, the spread of it’s android OS across different channels ( e.g. cars and wearable tech) , streaming, voice search and ‘the human cookie’ – wearable technology under your skin. 

Here is a look at Google’s amazing growth over this period. 

….Google’s weirdest projects of the last 10 years. 

And finally, from Quora, some mind blowing facts about Google. 

2) Always worth a read – Clay Shirky on the Future of Journalism……. as is this – Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle is out (the 20th Edition) – Emerging Technologies Map the Journey to Digital Business. 

3) Following the sad death of Robin Williams and the targeting of his family by twitter ‘Trolls’, this is a worrying piece from the New York Times – Web Trolls are Winning as Incivility Increases. 

4) Still think robots can’t do your job? This video may change your mind. 

5) The Worst Data breaches in history and a problem that does not appear to be improving. Top 3 – Adobe, eBay and Heartland. 

6) A couple of recent articles from my blog which may be of interest – written over the summer break – Is the Web really making us Weird? and The Key to Creativity : Behaviours First , People Second. 

7) Wonderful. From the British Film Institute – The Top Ten Documentaries of All Time. 

8) An interesting piece on Creativity – Why your Brainstorms are not working – How ‘groupthink’ gets reality backward. 

9) Another interesting piece from @neilperkin – Predicting The Box Office Revenue of Films. 

10) Although it is of course the main reason the Web was invented I’m not in the habit of including cat videos in my newsletters. This however , I think, is irresistible.