Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

29th September 2019

In its first brand campaign since 2012’s seminal “Three Little Pigs‘, The Guardian has launched a brand new campaign created by Uncommon, called “Hope is Power”, centred around their ethos of supporting ethical journalism. The campaign’s central message, is inspired by the Guardian’s editor-in-chief Katharine Viner’s essay ‘A mission for journalism in a time of crisis’.

From AdAge. How brand purpose lost its way. ‘Marketers must develop the constants that drive successful brands: relevance, value and differentiation.’ (reg may be necessary).

Google researchers have used a quantum processor called Sycamore containing 53 functioning qubits to solve a random sampling problem that would have taken the world’s best supercomputers 10,000 years to work out. It took Sycamore just three minute and 20 seconds. Google says that they have just reached quantum supremacy.

Born Free’s animated short exposes the cruel reality of ‘Instagram lions’. Ad agency Engine teamed with the Born Free Foundation on a new short film that highlights the “real circle of life” for lions in South Africa. (reg may be necessary)

I attended a couple of interesting events this week. At a British Museum members event, Peter Furtado talked about his new book, Great Cities Through Travellers’ Eyes (an entertaining new anthology including travellers’ tales from thirty-eight cities spread over six continents, ranging from Beijing to Berlin, Cairo to Chicago, and Rio to Rome); and the always entertaining Rory Sutherland at a Fora Tech Series event (curated by friend of The Filter – @here_forth), discussing extracts and anecdotes from his new book – Alchemy – The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense

From Dustin Farrell (www.dfvc.com) a rendition of storm chasing with a Phantom Flex 4K.  The best shots from two years of storm chasing jammed into 3.5 minutes.

Mattel is diversifying its doll line-up, this time with a gender-inclusive product. Creatable World sells customisable dolls in kits with combinations of clothing, wigs and accessories…Mattel’s research showed that “kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms.” (reg may be necessary

From LBB Online – ‘Fingers pleasure the world in a video with an important message. Not one to shy away from avant-garde music promos, ‘The One’ singer – Marika Hackman, has released a celebration and exploration of self-love’.

The tilting house that shifts and spins based on its inhabitants’ movements.

Some fabulous images here. A photographer takes a surreal twist on high-fashion portraits of opulent women.

This will not be to everyones taste, but you cannot deny its originality. ‘Fusing elements of Kafka and Kubrick, Caterpillarplasty is a prescient,  grotesque sci-fi satire that lifts plastic surgery to another level.’ From the National Film Board of Canada.

First, Atlas the robot backflipped. Then, it could do parkour. Now, this @BostonDynamics machine can do a gymnastic routine. It may not be Nadia Comaneci, but it is pretty good.

Told in 30-second chapters that look like real ads for fake products, this short from writer/director Ben Callner examines love and advertising in a hilarious, touching and inventive way. A Love Story Completely Told Through Fake Advertisements.