Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

30th August 2019

A report from Econsultancy. ‘Over half of Google searches now don’t lead to clicks and what it means for SEO’. Supporting trends include – ‘Google’s increased use of snippets is encouraging fewer clicks on search results’; ‘Changes made to ads have led to an increase in the number of searches that result in clicks’; and ‘Google owned properties have a growing presence in SERP’s.’ 

From Recode. YouTube’s CEO says it’s “more important than ever” to let people upload anything they want. ‘This means the video platform is okay with content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive.

From Digital Content Next. ‘Publishers are pouring their hopes into subscriptions and memberships. Digital subscriptions offer the additional benefit of copious user data collection, which also buoys their advertising business as well. However, even the most diehard optimists and proponents of subscription revenue have to admit that subscriptions alone are not a universal panacea to the need for digital revenue. The question of whether people will ever pay for an online news subscription has evolved into a question about how many subscriptions people will pay for.” The report concludes that, at least for the time being, the answer appears to be “one.”

Chip brand Doritos forgoes its tagline and its logo, hoping to appeal to a generation that doesn’t like overt advertising. Doritos has officially changed its iconic tagline, ‘For the Bold’, by launching a campaign focused on inviting consumers to take what they love to ‘Another Level’.… and here – as brand purpose becomes mainstream, some brands choose to go the other way. To differentiate themselves, some mission-led brands are choosing an innovative tactic: Being quiet.

High-profile creators aren’t just based on YouTube. This TV channel is building a hybrid model of media owner and a talent management studio by scouring TikTok and Instagram, for stars it can cast in series. Pitching itself as a TV network for Gen Z, and the brains behind fashion-focused YouTube shows PAQ and NAYVA,this is how Kyra TV is re-writing the rules of video.

The world is a mess. “Cleanfluencers” are here to help. Here are the people who love to watch other people clean.

You Tube has released a Bumper Ads leaderboard that showcases the top 10 most popular six-second adverts on the platform this year. Junk food dominates, with major names such as Doritos, Papa John’s and Cadbury securing top spots.

From 1843 Magazine. Sgùrr Dearg on the Isle of Skye is known as the ‘Inaccessible Pinnacle’, but that wasn’t enough to put off one daring cyclist. (don’t look down…)

Pornhub continues it’s clever approach to marketing, following its beesexual (save the bees) piece. Here it tackles sea pollution in its “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign.

From Ad Age. ‘It’s not easy breaking through in the beer category these days, with hundreds of craft beers filling store shelves across America. So, a 255-year-old brew from Luxembourg, is hoping a little nudity will help it stand out.’ Beer drinkers go in the buff, to promote Bofferding Brew.

‘A young star gazer explores the planets of the Udaya system, scanning the flora and fauna with her binoculars.’ Taken from the album “Udaya” on Hoop Sound. This is Moon B – Welcome.