Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

13th April 2019

Love this piece from from Travel Oregon. The beautifully animated ‘Only Slightly Exaggerated’ campaign returns and shows why the state is putting creativity before convention.

Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today. But…it probably won’t look like this for long.

It’s been a couple of years since my talk at Tedx Tunbridge WellsHow Street Wisdom Changed My Life. In the succeeding two years I have played a small part in two associates appearing on the same stage. Steve Chapman (This talk isn’t very good. Dancing with my inner critic) in 2017 and Adam Greenwood in 2018 (Challenge The Echo Chamber). Both talks are very much worth a watch.

From Global Web Index – 5 Things to Know About Brand Discovery in 2019. ‘By using social media and online display advertising, direct-to-consumer brands are reproducing many of the top strengths TV has enjoyed. But rather than TV being completely disrupted by the new media, the playing field appears to be becoming more level. As the prime channel for consumers before they formulate a need, TV is still King.

The hottest app in China teaches citizens about their leader — and, yes, there’s a test. 

Top AI researchers — including deep-learning co-inventor Yoshua Bengio and AAAI President-elect Bart Selman — explain what you need to know about lethal autonomous weapons and  why we should ban them. From The New York Times. 

@adcontrarian on Accenture’s takeover of Droga 5. ‘The slow, painful death of the ad industry progressed nicely this week as Accenture, the consulting company, bought Droga5, one of the agency world’s most famous brands. The agency business is facing a triple threat from forces it can no longer control: Consultancies , In-housing, and Distrust among clients.’ Is this another nail in the Ad Industry coffin? 

‘The hyperlink is the most elemental of the bundle of ideas that we call the Web. If the bit is the quark of information, the hyperlink is the hydrogen molecule. It shapes the microstructure of information today.  Surprisingly though, it is nearly as mysterious now as it was back in July 1945,when Vannevar Bush first proposed the idea in his Atlantic Monthly article, As We May Think. This Is the Rhetoric of the Hyperlink. 

Some nice Game of Thrones link-ups this week – The British Army came face to face with Night Watch at the Tower of London ; the title sequence created with Oreo cookies ; and here is a summary selection of GOTR pieces from the likes of Budweiser, American Red Cross, and the rebranded Minnesota Direwolves (previously Timberwolves) basketball team.

Gatorade turns sweat into an art form in campaign starring Lionel Messi and Gabriel Jesus ; and Heinz Celebrates 150 Years of Clean Plates.