Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

20th March 2015

1) How Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa went viral.

“The artwork exists in that rare stratosphere of images that are both instantly recognisable and internationally famous. “The Great Wave” has gone viral over time, first circulating the old-fashioned way-via traders and tall ships in the 19th century. Since then, the woodcut has been called an inspiration for Claude Debussy’s orchestral work, “La Mer,” and appears in poetry and prose by Rainer Maria Rilke, Pearl S. Buck and Hari Kunzru. Levi’s and Patagonia used it in marketing campaigns. It has been preserved in cyberspace as a Google Doodle and an emoji.’

2) The advertising executive behind Nike’s “Just do it” slogan based one of the world’s most recognisable taglines on the words of a convict facing a firing squad. Dan Wieden, co-founder of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy – “Gary Gilmore grew up in Portland, and ran around doing criminal acts in the country, and was in Utah where he murdered a man and a woman, and was sent to jail and put before a firing squad . They asked him if he had any final thoughts and he said: ‘Let’s do it’. I didn’t like ‘Let’s do it’ so I just changed it to ‘Just do it’.”

3) Great piece on Strategy – and how it can be defined – Strategy, clarified.

4) Here’s What The Unreal Engine Is Capable Of Rendering In Real Time.“This short, titled ‘A Boy And His Kite,’ showcases Unreal’s ability to generate graphics in real-time at 30fps with fully dynamic direct and indirect illumination, cinematic depth of field and motion blur, and procedurally placed trees and foliage.”

5) From NYT – The Church of Ted

“I grew up among Christian evangelicals and I recognise the cadences of missionary zeal when I hear them. TED, with its airy promises, sounds a lot like a secular religion. And while it’s not exactly fair to say that the conference series and web video function like an organised church, understanding the parallel structures is useful for conversations about faith – and how susceptible we humans remain. The TED style, with its promise of progress,is as manipulative as the orthodoxies it is intended to upset”.

6) …and still with Ted – How Stories Are Told Around the World

“Even if a story is the same, each culture will tell it differently, because each one has its own genres and cultural rules.” That’s led to a host of different traditions and practices beloved around the world. Here are just some of them……

7) What do your tweets say about you ?

This is how to find out – Analyzewords.

8) Pagerank Algorithm Reveals World’s All-Time Top Soccer Team.

9) Where is the Instagram for Audio ?

‘When I listen to a really excellent episode of a podcast, I rarely share it with anyone. For such an intimate and engaging medium, listening to podcasts can be a very isolated experience.Any podcast fan knows the frustration of trying to get a friend to listen to a show or episode you know they will lovewith no success.’

10) Dyeing the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day (short video)