Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

6th June 2015

1) A Stairway to Heaven Japan’s high tech skyscraper cemeteries are looking to solve the shortage of traditional resting places, in urban areas.

2) Steve Case, Founder of AOL, on how the Internet is about to change – again. Apparently, the third wave of the Internet will be about the three P’s – Perseverance, Partnerships and Policy.

3) For all of us with a small office / home office (SOHO), here are some lessons from Charles Darwin on working from home. This from an article describing his study in Down House – which still exists today – ‘Darwin’s study is an immersive experience, the depth of material detail inviting the scientific pilgrim to imagine the naturalist as he shuttled around on his desk chair, to which he had wheels specially attached’.

4) ‘On Great Newsletters’ . My missive didn’t make the cut, but there is still some great stuff to be found here. Email newsletters are definitely the new blogs.

5) From @copyranter. Sex just doesn’t sell the way it used to.

6) Great idea. A dog trails shoppers around a mall, on billboards, hoping to be adopted.

7) The new Google photos app is extraordinarily good at data mining your photos. ‘You can look for photos with “dogs” in them, “skiing,” “bridges,” or “parties.” In case you don’t know what to search, Google offers help, pre-categorising your photos…….it makes you realise how much a company with access to your photos can quickly learn about your tastes through data-mining them.’

8) We could lose a lot of the recorded aural history of the 20th century . ‘The British Library Sound Archive, housed on the ground floor of the annex to the Library’s main building on Euston Road, London, is like a museum of dead media. The corridors are clogged up with Soundmirror tape machines from the late 1940s and military-grade wire-recorders from even earlier….estimates (are that) it would take another 48 years to digitise the whole collection. Unfortunately they don’t have 48 years. Their best guess is maybe 15.

9) Delta Airways makes the ‘Internetest’ flight safety video. Great fun spotting all the memes in here.

10) Finally, for all our American readers – Here’s how to swear like a Brit.