Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

7th May 2016

Interesting piece from Digiday’s new magazine – Pulse. ‘In the Gartner hype cycle, advertising technology is firmly stuck in the “trough of disappointment”….The LUMAscape lays bare the sheer amount of fragmentation in ad tech: ‘There are too many vendors claiming they do too many things for too many people. Such fragmentation gives rise to ad fraud and ad blocking. Advertisers are still spending millions on fraudulent impressions. Programmatic display ads attract 14 percent more bot traffic than average while programmatic video has 73 percent more bots’. All in all, Ad tech is having a premature midlife crisis.

Should Facebook worry about people sharing less? The obvious answer is probably not, given their rapidly growing influence (Instagram,WhatsApp,Oculus VR etc..) but interesting nonetheless, that the future focus of Facebook is unlikely to be centred on their core product. A different kind of sharing is on the rise – ‘For much of its existence, Facebook users were the epitome of prolific social media users, posting every little thought to the platform, but now Snapchat is seen as even more addictive for over-sharers…Snapchat is creating a platform for its users to share the regular, everyday, temporal activities. (wasn’t this what we thought Twitter would be?).

How Donald Trump is using Social Media. ‘..Despite the fact that he has taken “authenticity” to a whole new level, embracing posts that contain everything from controversial subject matter to amusing misspellings, Trump’s success in the Republican primaries suggests that perhaps there really is no such thing as bad publicity on social media’

The Internet of Things, needs design, not just technology. ‘Gartner Research predicts that the typical family home will contain as many as 500 networked devices by 2020. Reaching these lofty projections over the next four years, however, will require a fundamental reorientation in the way that technologists and product designers work together to create successful “connected” personal devices and home appliance products.

Not sure if this will take off, but worth watching nonetheless. ‘Adblock Plus has joined up with Flattr to create “Flattr Plus,” a system for Web users who want to pay online content creators. Flattr Plus users will set their own monthly budget that will pay their favourite bloggers, musicians, artists, or newspapers.

A bumper set of 15 digital marketing stats from @econsultancy, this week. On the list we have – ‘51% of UK searchers can’t spot a paid ad’, ‘mobile and desktop experiences are now on a par in the travel industry’ and ‘Bing has 11% of worldwide PC searches.

Interesting piece on a feeling that most of us will have felt at some time(s) –

You don’t belong here. 

You’re not good enough. 

You got lucky. 

They’re going to realise you aren’t that smart.

You are suffering from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and here are some tips onhow to succeed in spite of it. 

I attended the highly enlightening and genuinely inspiring Wired Health conference last week. Among the many amazing stories was one concerning a man who lost much of his face due to a malignant melanoma but had it re-constructed using 3D printing. 

Wonderful. Why every British landmark would be improved by a slide. I especially like the Angel Of The North slide. That would be quite some ride.

Have we gone Back To The Future at last? Looks like someone has finally invented the hoverboard.