Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

23rd April 2016

The most expensive keywords in the UK? The list may surprise you. At No.1, we have ‘Play Live Blackjack’- yours for only £148.51 a click.

So, the Web isn’t dead after all? Six years after Wired Magazine pronounced that it was deceased, it now appears that this is not the case. The reason is down to mobile – ..’as Google releases the latest incarnation of its browser, the company has revealed that a billion people now use Chrome on mobile devices each month — about the same number that use it on desktops and laptops.’

From Marketing Week. The (ongoing) saga of Boaty McBoatface proves that the public would rather humiliate a brand, than engage with it.

This has been on the agenda from some time ( going all the way back to the Cluetrain Manifesto) but this is an interesting piece from Ashley Friedlein, head honcho at Econsultancy. Will Conversational Marketing become a Reality in 2016? ‘ One of digital’s great promises, along with accountability, is personalisation at scale. Similarly to accountability, it is questionable how far digital has yet fully delivered on personalisation.’

The 54 most clicked articles from the Open Strategy newsletter, in the last year. Top links include – ‘A teenager’s view on social media, ..’the secret sauce of brand building’ and ‘ ‘The Art of More’.

From The Economist. The New Face of Facebook. ‘The firm has maintained its dominance by becoming one of the tech industry’s most active acquirers, buying other services that might have lured users away. Since 2012 it has spent more than $25 billion on businesses including Instagram,WhatsApp, and Oculus, a virtual-reality firm. Americans spend 30% of their mobile time with Facebook and other apps it owns.’

Merriam-Webster, the US dictionary, has added some new words  “ICYMI,” “hella,” and “athleisure,” along with “TMI,” “dox,” “microbead,” and “wacky tobacco”. Not sure what some/all of these mean? Take a look here.

I’m not sure you can get more post-modern than this. A castaway marooned on a desert island is rescued by a film crew.

Simply fabulous. From the Tribeca Film Festival – 100 years of Film in 100 clips. This is six minutes long , but it is worth it. Perhaps the best bit of all, is the music.

The rather wonderful Drafthouse Alamo cinema chain, from Austin Texas, has a draconian disciplinary approach to the use of mobile phones in its theatres. They turn this into a positive by featuring it, rather humorously, in their advertising. This is a recent (and somewhat rude) edition featuring Melissa McCarthy.