Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

28th November 2015

1) Fabulous. From Wired Magazine, Andre DeGraff’s – ‘ Plotted: A Literary Atlas’. Made up of 8 cartographical takes on literary landscapes – a chapter-by-chapter visualisation of A Christmas Carol, for instance, and an Escher-like analysis of Pride and Prejudice.

2) This is how my teenage children get most of their information nowadays – SnapChat. And a new development – SnapChat Stories.

…’users don’t have to settle for one view of a big NFL touchdown, for instance. They can view it “thousands” of times — each one unique — because so many people in the stadium filmed the play on Snapchat. The basic idea was we don’t provide any depth inside Stories — you’re on the red carpet. Then you’re at a concert for a split-second . It is a feeling of ‘show me more,’ and…we just get so much video submitted to us that we had the ability from a content perspective to provide depth.’

3) So, apparently it seems we are happier at work than we were 10 years ago, according to a recent Gallup poll. Importantly though this appears to be a question of perception, rather than reality – ‘Companies are now doing far better than they have in the past at creating positive perceptions, but the reality is that things aren’t really getting a whole lot better.’

4) Nice Idea – ‘Detour is an audio walking tour app that uses geo-location technology to immerse users more immediately in the rhythm of a neighbourhood.’ But will it appeal to digital natives and how will it make money?

5) From Harvard Business Review – What is Disruptive Innovation? Interesting piece asserting that Uber is not disruptive. The definition of a disruptive business model and process, is one that originates in low-end or new-market footholds.’ Uber is neither.

6) Why Advertising needs Creativity, now more than ever. ‘A recent article by Ian Leslie in the FT did an excellent job in laying out the ad industry’s woes. In the rush towards digital, it said, advertising had forgotten its core strength – using emotion to create work that was funny, powerful, lovable – and had become obsessed with data and new technologies.

7) The Drone Racing league promises to be a spectator sport,like no other.

8) The Rise of The Metrosexuals. From the Editor of Shortlist – Lads Mags failed because ‘most men use moisturiser and take selfies now’.

9) Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin successfully launch and land a Rocket for the first time. Especially worth watching the landing, from a number of different angles.

10) Very wonderful. A 1,400 year old Chinese Ginkgo Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves, and draws tourists from miles around.