Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

31st October 2015

1) ‘Gamechanger’ or ‘chaotic’? Twitter’s new TV ad leaves people confused.

2) Start with a bang and make it mnemonic. A lesson in pitching.

3) The EU Finally admits that Bitcoin is a currency.

4) Wonderful.  A Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf.

5) Nice Idea – VisitBritain rolls out video guides to refresh ‘staid’ cities.

6) Pretty disappointing all round. South by Southwest is under fire for caving in to online harassment to cancel a panel about – you guessed it – online harassment.

7) Great stuff from The Economist – Booze, Bonks and Bodies, all the Bonds ranked. Who was the deadliest Bond…? Pierce Brosnan of course.

8) Fascinating… The World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg Machine Requires All Your Patience.

9) Archaeologists Plan on Using Cosmic Ray Muons to Peer Inside the Pyramids.

10) 15 hour demolition of a 1400 ton bridge in 15 seconds. (video)