Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

10th April 2015

1) Facebook’s new Nostalgia feature, is an interesting use of data, but may not always be a good thing.  Here it is already bringing up painful memories.

Are there echoes here of the PastPerfect project  from the excellent Dave Eggers book The Circle ?

2) The Importance of Being Disagreeable – Malcolm Gladwell on how to be an effective disruptor in business.

3) Study from the IAB and PWC shows that Digital adspend has risen 14% year on year, to a record £7.2 billion. Most interestingly – on its own Mobile is now the third biggest media channel.

4) Interesting piece from author and academic Jaideep Prabhu about the Frugal Innovation Revolution and how we can find smart ways to do more with less. Also Alain de Botton and others offer their thoughts on escaping the ‘stagnovation’ whirlpool of fast innovation, slow growth and rising inequality.

5) Always interesting and useful – from The Open Strategy newsletter The Project Of How – A library of methods on how to develop projects and ideas.

6) The Rise of  Unconscious Consumption and Low Involvement Digital and the challenge this creates for advertisers.

“…a far greater challenge, however, is to design for a world where digital is all but unconscious – where there are no longer any barriers between online experiences and offline. The rise of connected objects, ever more diverse user interfaces and the power of programmatic data are creating a world where we are constantly, effortlessly, surrounded by digital data.”

7) We’ve mentioned the Other Valleys weekly newsletter previously. This a missive which looks at innovation and tech stories from the developing world. These are the kinds of stories that do not make it into the occidentally biased newsletters coming out of the western tech world.

Here is an interesting story from the last weeks edition regarding Africa’s Terragon Group – “At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, they announced the launch of a platform called  Adrenaline, the first ‘Africa-focussed mobile operator advertising technology. It allows advertisers to access inventory and reach audiences through non-internet based platforms on mobile, like balance enquiries, call-me-back messaging, end-of-call notifications and so on. For those who have grown up in the Western world, these facilities might be irrelevant, but given that feature phones are still big in the developing world, their impact cannot be under-estimated. In fact, it is probably a big reason why Twitter spent millions on acquiring Zipdial in January.”

8) This has been around since 2013, but is such a wonderful idea it is worth mentioning again. The Third Eye Project

“The principle of the application is simple, innovative and effective: thanks to its features that are blind-friendly, sightless people can take pictures of what’s in front of them; volunteers then receive a notification and are asked to describe what they see the photograph. It only takes a few seconds to achieve this “good deed” that will subsequently allow the app to read the description to the blind user”

9) Particle physics is exciting right? Well the BBC certainly think so as they announce that the ‘Hardon Collider’ will be starting up again after 5 years. Interesting that they made the exact same spelling mistake 5 years ago….

10) It’s 12 years ago today that Donald ‘Rummy’ Rumsfeld sent that memo – dubbed the best memo ever –  Issues w/Various Countries …’and Korea doesn’t seem to be going well….’

..and Ricky Gervais’s refreshingly honest and funny ad’s for Netflix Australia.