Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed this Week

14th Sept 2015

1) What Searchable Speech will do to us. ‘We are going to start recording and automatically transcribing most of what we say. Instead of evaporating into memory, words spoken aloud will calcify as text, into a Record that will be referenced, searched, and mined. It will happen by our standard combination of willing and allowing. It will happen because it can.’ It will happen sooner than we think.

2) Shortening attention spans? DDB is using a  one minute long video to train millennial employees.

3) Is Innovation going down the same road as Journalism?  Is the future of creativity all about algorithms?

4) Can Apple take over the living room, with updated Apple TV? ‘Apple hopes adding apps, touch controls, and Siri to Apple TV will  help it dominate your home entertainment

5) Worrying stuff? A giant ancient virus was just uncovered in melting ice –  and it won’t be the last…

6) The next battle in the programmatic wars:  direct response vs. brand advertising – ‘The ability to identify and finely hone optimal audience segments is not enough for brands. They must also elevate the quality of the creative execution and redefine how we quantify the messaging in a context that emphasises engagement’.

7) I attended the truly fabulous Dots Conference (#dotsconf) last Friday in Brighton. The whole event was live blogged and  well worth checking out.

8) From The Guardian – Hobbyists still run the digital world – where are the experts? ‘Chief executives should stop worrying about their mobile apps and focus instead on integrating digital expertise across their businesses

9) How your smartphone can tell  whether you are bored.

10) Skydiver waits to pull his cord –  just as soon as he has solved a Rubik’s cube in freefall.