Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

9th July

1) About time too..?? Mount Fuji, Japan’s Tallest Mountain,  Will Soon Have Wi-Fi.

2) The rise and fall of Nokia, in one chart. ‘Stephen Elop’s (outgoing CEO) big mistake was the semibold – but incorrect – move of aligning Nokia with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which never caught on with consumers, app makers, or other handset companies. But you can’t really blame Nokia’s decline on Elop –  it was likely doomed when he arrived’.

3) The Cult Of Vice – ‘In a rollicking, obscenity-laced presentation featuring Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Vice creative director Spike Jonze, CEO Shane Smith unveiled a host of new lifestyle shows starring a who’s who of tastemakers for millennials

4) 38 Quotes on Advertising and Life, from Dave Trott’s Creative Mischief. One from Maurice Saatchi – ‘I don’t have to win.  I just have to make you lose.’

5) Alfred Eisenstaedt’s picture of a couple kissing on VJ Day in Times Square, is one of the most iconic photos of the 20th century. ‘Everyone’s seen it, yet, seemingly, no one can answer two basic questions about it: who’s in it, and when was it taken? Physics professor Donald Olson can’t say who the jubilant couple is,  but he is absolutely certain the image was snapped at exactly 5.51pm‘. He can also tell us exactly when other famous pictures were taken.

6) Two interesting articles from the World of Travel – Ethiopia has been voted  the world’s best tourism destination for 2015.

…and how Virtual Reality could Revolutionise the Travel Industry.

7) From the always enlightening @jamescaig – an interesting addition to an ongoing debate – What is Strategy? Starts with a provocative premise…. ‘  Strategy Is God‘.

8) The inexorable rise of vertical video : ‘What is most striking is the degree to which mobile is dictating and accelerating… well, just about everything. In format design terms, vertical videos, once the laughing stock of the internet cognoscenti,  are having the last laugh‘.

9) Uninvited Guests – when technology in a home doesn’t help : ‘Thomas aged 70, struggles with the order and rules imposed on him by the objects that are meant to make his life easier. In a world where ‘smart objects’ will increasingly be used to provide care at a distance,  how will we live with these uninvited guests?’

10) Watch Mars Opportunity’s 11-Year Mission  in Just Eight Minutes.