November 11, 2022

11th November 2022

The UK Christmas ads are out and you can watch them all here. With different styles and tones, in tune with the times. I think the John Lewis one hits the mark this year.

From @storythings. Revisiting ‘Six Spaces of Social Media’ 15 Years Later. ‘It now looks like we’re at the beginning of the end of an era with young people abandoning some of the established networks, and many opting for more private spaces.

Just picked this up, but brilliant (I think). How Private Eye magazine covered the death of the Queen. 

How advertising really works. One of the simplest explanations ever provided?

“Ikigai (a reason for being) joins a long list of Japanese words that have been repurposed to lend an aura of ancient wisdom to banal ideas”. The Economist on the latest corporate fad.

From @neilperkin, a link to the spreadsheet of the 715 best ads of all time from BBH Labs’ ‘World Cup of Ads’.

The Beatles Get Two New Animated Videos. A couple of gorgeous videos have been made to mark the release of a new expanded edition of The Beatles’ Revolver.

Lovely piece from The Guardian (and so true), interviewing Damian Lewis – on grief, espionage and his new musical ambitions: ‘When someone dies prematurely, you’re left careering in a different direction’. is ‘a macOS app that enables you to find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard’

With Elon Musk restructuring (dismantling?) Twitter, perhaps a good time to consider  – the best tweets of all time?..and here (from MIT) is a perspective on how/why the service may break in the next few weeks.

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