Ten Stories From This Week

15th May 2022

Great list from the Do Lectures. ‘Life is busy. There’s no getting away from that. But there are ways to make our busy lives that little bit easier. We have put together a list of 100+ tools that do just that. We hope they help.’

Inside the Apocalyptic World View of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. Simple but effective interactive storytelling, that highlights how frequently he uses 2 common words to divide a country. From NYT.

Powerful and positively moving. The trailer for the new LBGTQ+ VR museum from Tribeca, has dropped.  (one minute, 50 seconds)

Nice short piece on the importance of tension and showing your work: “Paul wants the group to be excited.He wants George to be happier. Most of all, he wants John to like his songs. That’s his fuel. And Paul’s practice is simple: Bring the work forward. Play a song before it’s ready. Because in the moment before it’s ready, that’s when it’s ready.” (2 min read). Drawn from Peter Jackson’s, Beatles movie on Disney +.

Another reason to get Disney +. From Esquire. ‘Danny Boyle Takes on the Sex Pistols. ‘The British filmmaker’s 30 year career has revolved around a kind of punk patriotism. For his latest, a series about the formation of the iconic band, he goes back to his roots’.

‘The Feelings’ follows a group of seven emotions working in healthcare, including Power Less, Rising Dread, Red Rage and Deep Sadness. By animating the real emotional states of first responders in a child-friendly aesthetic, the video is able to talk about a serious topic in a safe way. (2 min watch) ht@storythings.

Great overview of the re-launched C.I.A. website, including one of the pithiest ‘About Us ‘ pages around. How about this line – We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go’. Woooaahhh….

Great stuff, via James Harris Design. The Periodic Table of Storytelling.

Very charming this. Fingerbot Sense. The ultimate minirobot to automate everything. ht@onlydeadfish

Striking…Platinum jubilee Queen Elizabeth Barbie sells out in three seconds. Now online traders are after at least twice the original £95 asking price of the special commemorative doll.