Ten Stories From This Week

5th Feb 2020

How to explain the metaverse to your grandparents. ‘We’re using the term ‘metaverse’ as a proxy for a sense that everything is about to change’. This is very good for those still wrapping their heads around it all. (ht @zoescaman).

When Women Make Headlines : An Interactive Essay About (Mis)Representation of Women in the News.  It looks at the frequency of words used in headlines about women and how sensationalised headlines about women are compared to other topics. Towards the end, there is an interesting section that looks at events that have encouraged less gendered and more empowering headlines.

This has been around for a while, but constantly updated and super easy to use. Idea generation tools for creative professionals. The Deck of Brilliance.

And…If you’re looking for inspiration for a campaign, dive into this wonderful collection of case studies. A Curated Collection of the Most Inspiring Creative Brand Activation Ideas. (ht @storythings).

The oldest registered trademarks in the world are for beer. 

4 principles for great writing. Love this…”People naturally remember musical language, and I would encourage writers to inject their prose with a bit of music. When you’re writing, think about repetition and variety. Crescendos and rests. Pace and punctuation. Read your work out loud, and feel the rhythm of the words in your voice.”

Mr, Doctor, Mister, Miss? Here is the vanishing art of Folk Branding.

This is nice. The Wisdom of WinterHow to embrace the cold and its teachings. ‘Take a walk to notice all the things around you that elicit joy. A bird dusting snow off its feathers. The quiet stillness of freshly fallen snow. A trail lined with green leaves; a signal that life exists amongst the sea of barren trees. Just noticing…..

A couple of, very different, ads this week. Firstly, ‘Bud Light Seltzer takes a trip to the ‘Land of Loud Flavours’ in a new Super Bowl ad. This is the first of this year’s SB ads I’ve seen, and in my view this is not one that will be remembered for long…. and secondly a radically different (and rather wonderful) pioneering music video collaboration between a German composer, tea specialist and creative agency showing how a particular mushroom can turn a violin into a refreshing drink (four minute watch).

Nice. From @StreetArtUtopia.This mural reveals its full meaning when looking at its reflection in the water. 

No newsletter for the next couple of weeks as (negative test allowing) I will be travelling. Next newsletter on the 5th/6th March. Until then, please stay safe and well. Nick 🙏