Ten Stories From This Week

12th December 2021

Always worth a watch. Especially this year. Google’s year in search.

From @davidpearlhere. ‘When it comes to subjects like immigration, the facts often get lost in the noise. So the FT set them to music. With a little help from Nitin Sawhney. Beautiful. And informative.’

Ben Evans’ annual big presentation is ‘exploring macro and strategic trends in the tech industry’. This year it’s called ‘Three Steps to the Future’. ‘The most exciting themes in technology today are transformative visions for 2025 or 2030: crypto, web3, VR, metaverse… and then everything else.’

From Storythings. 9 Works of Art That Changed Our Attention. ‘A useful reminder that despite over a decade of declarations that attention is getting shorter, attention is a spectrum. This piece from the always interesting Believer Mag looks at nine works that explore some of the new forms of engagement, using our attention in different ways, demanding a lot or a little of it, but always deliberately’. 

From Information is Beautiful. Because Every Country is the Most Beautiful At Something…

Very nice. A Twitter Thread of Ads Made By Famous Filmmakers. Featuring adverts made by Wes Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Jean-Luc Godard, Steve McQueen and more.

The Unfiltered History Tour is an interactive guide created by Vice news, exploring the British Museum’s most disputed artefacts, using stories told by the people from the countries they were removed from.

The mere-exposure effect – Why content marketing works. ‘Thanks to the workings of the mere-exposure effect, the brain reacts positively to stimuli that have previously been perceived subconsciously. This is precisely why content marketing works – but it also becomes clear why it takes time before a content strategy can deliver measurable results.’

Love this piece from The Guardian about our furry four-legged friends – The inner lives of dogs: what our canine friends really think about love, lust and laughter. And, if this more your thing, here is a piece about cats.

A QC in the UK asks. ‘I’m about to ask a very stupid question. Can someone with some photoshop skills make my profile photo Christmassy. Think I’m going to regret this…..