Ten Stories From This Week

31st October 2020

Some really interesting stuff here. COVID Innovations launched on 9 April 2020 to inspire businesses to innovate and help others during the COVID crisis. We built a database of ideas for you to run with: anything that could get your organisations going again, while also benefiting the societies and economies you’re part of’. Here are the key insights and learnings from reviewing over 1,000 COVID innovations.

From Contagious. Should your brand pick a side? How market share determines the impact of corporate political advocacy.

From Facebook IQ. Meet your Gen Z Community. Findings include : Create meaningful connections; Inspire purchase through values and Partner for success. HT @here_forth.

CCTV. The 12 most surveilled cities in the world. Eleven of these are in China. One isn’t.

Another great campaign from Burger King. ‘A few years ago, a particular clown got abruptly cancelled from his long-standing job at a certain hamburger chain. This Halloween he is back, at Burger King’s restrooms in Sweden. Summon him and you might be rewarded (45″). #cancelledclown.

Some jaw-dropping kite-flying skills on display here. Make sure you watch to the end to see the final one land. Whole piece 5’44” ; final landing at 4’55” – Romancing The Wind.

Various first words.

Great Christmas present option. A new book portrays striking locations from Lisbon to Alaska brimming with the great director’s aesthetic appeal. Where Wes Anderson films ‘accidentally’ come to life.

A couple of travel and tourism pieces. From Wanderlust. On Halloween, here are the 20 most haunted places in the world. From a ghostly castle in France to a paranormal pub in Britain, these ‘possessed’ destinations are guaranteed to spook even the most sceptical of travellers… and Kazakhstan has adopted Borat’s catchphrase in their new tourism campaign – ‘Very nice!’

Sean Connery sadly passed away today. What a great man. So many wonderful moments and films to remember. Across all of them, this is the moment that stands out for me, From The Untouchables  – ‘He pulls a knife you pull a gun, he sends one of yours to the hospital you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way and that’s how you get Capone’. (1’33”)