Ten Stories From This Week

29th August 2021

So far and no further: the philosophy of Samuel Pepys….this is exactly why Pepys is so fascinating to us still: not because of his value as an accidental historian, but because in his diary we watch him reflecting upon his days with such largesse and candour that he either doesn’t care or doesn’t see what he is saying of himself. Had he done so, perhaps there might have been no diary at all.

From Wired. Facebook Quietly Makes a Big Admission. The company’s new approach to political content acknowledges that engagement isn’t always the best way to measure what users value.

From Wunderman Thompson. The metaverse workforce. Teleportation, holograms and roaming avatars – this isn’t the latest sci-fi movie, it’s the future of work.

Love this idea. ‘We need new rules! Many of the rules we have in the world are old rules – Beano and Somerset House are looking for new rules, to help us change the world for the good.’

Very nice. 25 Famous Songs With Misunderstood Meanings. This from Jim Steinman – ‘With ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ I was trying to come up with a love song and I remembered I actually wrote that to be a vampire love song.’

From CN Traveller. The 27 Most Beautiful Places in Europe..and this is fun from Wanderlust – How well do you know these famous musical destinations? From the birthplace of the blues to songs about Rio, how many high notes will you hit in this music-themed quiz?

DHL Has a Licence to Deliver in Epic James Bond Spot (1′ 30″)

Lol. The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The South Pole experiences the ultimate dawn when the endless six-month-long dark winter, finally ends.

New Zealand cinema’s expletive-laden voicemail gets rave reviews.

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