Ten Stories From This Week

24th October 2020

This comes as no surprise but great to see more research confirming it. ‘Listening to your heart might be the key to conquering anxiety.Neuroscience is revealing that the heart and body exert huge influence over the brain – and that connection could help autistic individuals better process their emotions ‘.

Lovely piece from Prof Galloway on ‘Life and Death’ in response to an email received, with this question – ‘Hi Professor Galloway, I am reaching out because I trust your opinion and would love your advice. I am 26 and have been building a career in digital marketing at a consumer products company.In January my dad was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer, and I have made the decision to move back home to be with him and my mom. I have been planning on continuing to work … but have this nagging feeling that it’s not worth it, and the extra money is not as valuable as full days with my family during this time.’

WARC is a great place to go for insights. Next week, it is free for one day. ‘Join us on Tuesday, October 27, for a free, one-day access to over 18,000+ award-winning case studies showcasing what’s worked before and why, the latest research from across the marketing industry and best practice from marketing thought leaders.’

From Culture Trip. A series of new audio experiences have been released with the aim of taking holidaymakers on journeys around the world. ‘As we face an uncertain period of travel restrictions, can these Sonic Escapes recreate the sensation of visiting different countries?

So Quibi (short form streaming service) is finally shutting down , and in the process, so goes nearly $2 billion in major Hollywood Investments. 

‘#Me Too, Act Too.’ Founder Tarana Burke, launches movement’s next chapter with a civic engagement platform (1′:01″)

As mentioned on a previous missive, the game, Among Us is hugely popular at the moment. Love this meme created in the game – a homage to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.‘ (39″) (HT Miles Hammond) and apparently 400,000 are people watching AOC play the game on Twitch.

A photographer spends hours in the ocean capturing the different “moods” of waves.

New Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin was allegedly caught ‘with his pants down’ during a company Zoom call. He’s not the first.

Couple of nice ads this week. Droga5 shows the world what it’s missing with Alexa’s voice technology (1′:23″) and Greenpeace brings monsters to the kitchen to shed light on the impact of the meat industry. Powerful stuff. (2′:12″)