Ten Stories From This Week

16th May 2021

From The Guardian. ‘The pandemic has seen a boom in companies offering a paid monthly membership. But why are so many of us signing up – and will we kick the habit after lockdown? From coffee to cars: how Britain became a nation of subscribers.

Guinness welcomes punters back with tongue in cheek ode to pubs reopening. You were always on my mind…

Loved this idea. Ajax fans haven’t been able to get involved in the action this season because of the pandemic, so the club have decided to share their league title with them, as they melt down Dutch title trophy to make 42,000 stars to give to fans.

Stumbled is a collection of anything interesting, weird or astonishing; websites of exceptional quality, sites to kill time or learn something new. ‘You won’t find any clickbait Buzzfeed stuff or low-effort blog articles here….’ Start Stumbling.

TikTok is launching a jobs service for Gen Z.

Came across this on a course I recently completed and loved the idea. Futureme lets you write a letter to yourself in the future.

An area of forest the size of France has regrown around the world over the past 20 years, showing that regeneration in some places is paying off, a new analysis has found. Nearly 59m hectares of forests have regrown since 2000, providing the potential to soak up and store 5.9 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide – more than the annual emissions of the entire US.

While our imagination can sometimes play tricks on our mind, it is more about tricking the imagination. Vincent Bal, a Belgian movie producer creates art by making shadow doodles turning something as ordinary as a fork into a head of hair or a rolling pin into a pair of legs. (6′ 23″)

Great fun. If you like Rube Goldberg (chain reaction) machines then this is worth a watch. Machine learning pipelines. (56″)

Extraordinary and quite unnerving.Animate the faces in your family photos with amazing technology. Experience your family history like never before!’