Ten Stories From This Week

29th May 2021

Can Apple change ads? The ad market is a mess, and now very unstable, and poised, perhaps, to move to a very different idea of what ‘privacy’ means and how it works. Apple has both the market power and the brand to launch a new privacy-based tracking and targeting ad model, and offer it on hundreds of millions of high-spending users’ devices.

Some graphs from @benedictevans. Interesting to watch UK e-commerce emerge from lockdown. Very clear we are settling at significantly higher penetration. UK is now clearly at 30%, where the US is at 20%.

From the British Library. Music can give you goosebumps. Scenery can give you goosebumps. But can a word give you goosebumps? It sure can. And in Georgian, they even have a word for it: ჟრუანტელი / zhruanteli, ‘a beautiful word that gives you goosebumps’. So with English Language Day on Friday, here is a selection of the BL’s favourite words.

Why QAnon is disappearing from online view. ‘Aggressive content moderation aimed at limiting extremist content can work, but decisions to enforce rules and address threats of extremism are often prompted by tragedy instead of proactive thinking’.

From Creative Review. Stonewall’s new identity embraces a more activist future. 

For our American readers or those who may travel over there, soon. Have to say I swum in the ones in Texas and they are special. From CNTraveler – 8 Stunning U.S. Swimming Holes to Cool off in This Summer

Typically bonkers from XKCD cartoon. I have a collection of Wikipedia links to throw behind my car if I’m ever being chased…

Very true. Embracing boredom will change your life. You see, boredom isn’t just boredom, but rather, it’s the anxiety around being with self—one’s thoughts, emotions and ideas. Because when we are truly present, what seems to be mundane is really an opportunity for introspection.

Does Amazon know what it is selling? ….and just how extraordinary (terrifying?) they could be if they did.

Not the best acronym in the world