Ten Stories From This Week

22nd May 2021

How Apple screwed Facebook. Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data.

Worth a watch with a spare 20 minutes this weekend. A film from the FT – we know what you did during lockdown. We gave up our privacy to fight Covid-19, can we get it back? An interrogation scene explores how Covid-19 has exposed the tension between the need for data to track and trace, and the right to privacy and justice (18’02”).

The inadvertent art of tiny bodies – stunning, hidden patterns of animal movement. A mesmerising confluence of biology, aesthetics and filmmaking, ingenious nature photography condenses frames of footage to reveal marvellous patterns in the activities of small creatures. (5’24”)

Powerful stuff from Greenpeace. (1’48”). Less than 10% of our plastic recycling is actually recycled in the UK. The rest is sent overseas where it’s often burned or dumped, fuelling health and wildlife emergencies.

TikTok has spawned a new gaming genre. A lot of “baddie games” are centred on exaggerated gender performance, much like drag or ballroom culture.

The world’s most beautiful gas stations.

A new podcast from friend of the Filter @davidpearlhere (founder of Street Wisdom). Here, you can listen, learn (and laugh) whilst you walk…Tune In.

On this day in 2006, football prodigy, Kiyan Prince tragically lost his life. To show the world the player he could’ve been & to raise awareness of knife crime, Kiyan has been made a player in FIFA21.

“The aerial geometry and colours of Singapore’s communal dining areas.” Pretty … and somehow satisfying.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to un-see. ‘Someone worked very hard on this. I thought that after two years my feelings would fade, but the Slack logo is four ducks all sniffing each other’s butts and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.