Ten Stories From This Week

1st May 2021


Introducing the Sidewalk Talks movement. Volunteers set up chairs on streets around the globe and invite strangers to talk. And be heard.  A simple idea that’s changing the world one street at a time. (ht @davidpearlhere)

HOY Buenos Aires collaborates with local firefighters and newspapers to combat irresponsible behaviour and increase donations to local firefighting organisation by 500%. Fireproof newspapers in Patagonia spark awareness about forest fires. (2’08”)

From Wired. Lots of talk about Returnal – the best video game ever? ‘The game isn’t perfect, but it’s an exciting vision of things to come’

The City of London is planning to convert empty offices into housing in a bid to revive the area after the Covid crisis. The City of London Corporation, which looks after the Square Mile, is aiming for at least 1,500 new homes by 2030.

From xkcd comic. Virus Consulting.

From Aeon. Changed by art. ‘Gazing at a painting feels like an almost magical encounter with another mind. But what real effects does art have on us?

Of the third of Brits who admit their mental health has worsened during the pandemic, 90% felt talking to someone made things better. To encourage the nation to become better listeners, Three UK has partnered with the Samaritans on #BetterPhoneFriend. The campaign is devised to help people identify the traits that could prevent them from being great listeners, using a series of animated films.

Relationship charity Relate and Rankin talk the joy of later life sex.‘You’re fed up with having rice and peas every day, so you’ve got to mix it up…(1’14”)

From Magda Michalska in Daily Art Magazine – The Best Bums in Art History. ‘When nothing goes according to plan and you’re feeling down, there are many pick-me-ups like meeting friends, eating chocolate, or going on a walk. But I guess there is one more pick-me-up when all the other things fail: some hot and shapely buttocks to admire.’

Inside the bizarre world of celebrity impersonators on Cameo – Celeb impressionists are providing a stand-in for the celebrities too rich, too busy, or just too elusive to bother joining the site.