Ten Stories From This Week

9th April 2021

Wonderful. Hagia Sophia has a 10 second reverb and that was an important part of the religious choral music that happened there, but that stopped when the Turks conquered the city and turned it into a mosque, in 1453. Now someone has calculated that reverb and added it to a choir in software.(3’21”)

Facebook leaked 533 million people’s data and didn’t tell anyone. From The Guardian -…the company has tried to reassure users, saying that the data was leaked years ago and has since been secured. Regardless of when it was leaked, user data ‘is never really old’ – it’s still valuable to cybercriminals, analysts say.

And..way down. Edelman’s trust survey shows a significant decline for tech in 2021 (preview).

IKEA launches haute couture outfits for dogs made from their iconic bags.

From The Guardian. ‘It has never been more pertinent’ – Margaret Atwood on the chilling genius of Laurie Anderson’s Big Science.‘The seminal album, with its extraordinary hit single O Superman (about the mission to retrieve embattled Americans during the Iranian revolution), was unlike anything the writer had ever heard. As Big Science returns, Atwood pays tribute to its prophetic dissection of 80’s America.’

The number of billionaires spiked by 30% during the pandemic. It’s easy to lose track of the numbers. But you shouldn’t.

Nice. ‘The Journey’ spot dramatises the complicated emotions of moving through the eyes and imagination of a child. To move is to grow.

Rasputin by Boney M, played on some Tesla coils. 

Onomatopee is a visual exploration of sound through interwoven typography and illustration. A delightful book by graphic designer Broos Stoffels and illustrator Lukas Verstraete brings noises to the printed page in unexpected ways.

Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais and more, feature in this hard-hitting film to stop animal testing.(3’53”)