Ten Stories From This Week

2nd Oct 2020

Interesting stuff in the travel and tourism sector this week. Amazon have announced they are launching a series of 1-on-1 virtual tour guides, called Amazon Explore, where you can connect with hosts in destinations to take lessons, learn about landmarks and view new destinations – all from home. Earlier this year the Greek Tourist board did a similar thing with a Google partnership, and the Faroe Islands had a remote tourism project where you could explore the islands as virtual tourists through the eyes of a local.  The new Live View Google Maps use AR to enable you to see directions, distance markers and to visualise destinations. HT @neilperkin. 

Deepfake Putin is here to warn the US about the possibility of self-inflicted harm to their democracy, but Kim Jong-Un is especially unnerving.

From Patent Drop. Looks like Amazon are looking at voice tracking for emotional data.

…and here, memers are making deep-fakes, and things are getting weird. The rapidly increasing accessibility of the technology raises new concerns about its abuse.

Looks wonderful. From Information is Beautiful. ‘Every day for a year, we’ve charted positive stats, unseen trends and creative solutions mostly unseen on the news. Revealing an alternative worldview, beyond the headlines, where the world is getting better, not worse.

The Drone Awards 2020: the world seen from above

Amazon will now let you pay with your palm in its stores.

Fabulous ‘back to front’ piece courtesy of Creative Review. Ben Brand’s poignant animation is an ode to the circle of life. The Netherlands-based director tackles the notion that everything you throw in the sea comes back to you. (2’26”)

Charming. ‘Footways is a network of quiet and interesting streets for walking in central London’. You can get a free print map, or see the digital map hereHT @Matt_Muir

Why do otters juggle rocks? (1’33”).