Ten Stories From This Week

24th January 2021

In times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. This year, the world searched “why” more than ever. This film (3 minutes long) features the questions we asked this year. 

Mark Ritson on Brand Strategy. ‘Three axioms and three questions that summarise all of brand strategy. Brand strategy is not complicated, it’s just the systematic application of the basics all marketers are taught. Here’s a simple way to be sure you’re taking the right steps – in the right order.

From Wunderman Thompson. ‘Cautious optimism sets the pace for 2021 as the world reflects on the challenges of 2020. Download your complimentary copy of The Future 100 today for examples and analyses of the key consumer trends to come.

How video games replaced music as the most important aspect of youth culture. The global video gaming industry took in an estimated $180bn in 2020 – more than sports and movies worldwide.

For those who live in NYC, The End of the Day is a beautiful and COVID-safe excuse to leave your house. In select parks throughout the city with particularly good skyline views, you’ll find a bench with a mysterious plaque bearing a phone number and the words, “Make yourself comfortable. Call at sunset.”

From Tim Harford. Most famous as a nurse, her innovative use of data also helped prevent many deaths from infectious diseases. Florence Nightingale: the pandemic hero we need. (reg may be necessary)

How the current No.1 song Drivers License used TikTok and influencer marketing to gain its first 100m Spotify streams in 8 days. (ht @neilperkin)

Alphabet is shutting down its internet balloon company 🎈It always sounded like loonacy to me…..

Lots of Bernie fun this week… This Bernie Sanders meme lit up the internet on Instagram. And (obviously) someone has combined Bernie and a sea shanty. Whilst, this site allows you to place Bernie anywhere you want in the world.

And of course, as it’s essentially just a (space) western, here is The Mandalorian, Sergio Leone style – Il Mandaloriano.