Ten Stories From This Week

24th January 2021

The average UK person’s lifetime CO2 footprint is 520 tonnes, the World’s largest Giant Sequoia has captured over 1400 tonnes. You can plant a Giant Sequoia to capture your lifetime carbon footprint .Rather wonderfully, you can plant it yourself (if you like) they will tell you where it is and you can dedicate it to someone.

‘From the Norwegian fjords to the Serengeti, readers are using the internet to bring music, vistas, wildlife, art and street life into their homes.’ From The Guardian, 10 of the best virtual travel experiences.

A twitter thread from @corydoctorow. Many wonder how epidemiology could have become so politicised. But epidemiology – like climate science (the other “mysteriously politicized” subject) has intrinsic politics: to take epidemiology seriously, you have to acknowledge that our species has a shared destiny.

TikTok surges past Facebook in average monthly time spent per user, The social platform is also set to surpass one billion users in 2021

Contagious has collated The World’s Best Creative, from their perspective.  ‘The most inspirational  creative ideas from brands including Lush, McDonalds and Ikea.’ (ht @here_forth)

Donald Trump has been banned from a number of social media platforms. Feel like you are missing out?  You can very simply set-up your own network here, and then ban him.…and according to this cartoon from XKCD, looks like the State Apple Grower’s Association, has got in on the act. 

How New Year’s resolutions have changed this year.

From NYT. A compelling look at individual behaviours, up on the ten metre board (16’16”). To get a perspective on the size of the challenge ‘jump in’ at 6’02”. 

Great fun. Very nice animations from Mailchimp in their series, All in a Day’s Work. This one is Silicon Valley Legends. (2’24”)

The game about the mad year 2020. Play through all the major events of 2020. The Australian wildfires, Covid-19, the Stock Market crash, Quarantine, the rise of Tik-Tok, the USA Elections and more… (I lasted 5 seconds).

And finally, this Tesla autopilot could not drive past a cemetery because a non-existent person blocked its way. (ht @lukehammond01)