Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

21st July 2017

Google’s current ‘doodle’ focuses on Herbert Marshall McLuhanMcLuhan is known for coining the expression ‘the medium is the message’, the term ‘global village,’ and for predicting the World Wide Web almost 30 years before it was invented.

And still on the subject of doodling, this piece from fastcodesign explains why doodling has positive benefits for the brain.’Doodling, colouring, and free drawing increase blood to the parts of the brain associated with reward.’

E-commerce sales worldwide. This infographic from Raconteur, published in The Future of E-Commerce Special Report, reveals the rise of retail e-commerce sales worldwide. The graphic highlights China’s gigantic online shopping industry as well as worldwide sales by region.

Feeling left out makes you more likely to believe conspiracy theories. A new Princeton University study has found a correlation between social exclusion and the endorsement of ‘conspiratorial beliefs’.

Social Star Creator Camp, is an offshoot of an actor camp that takes place every summer near LA. It’s three days of intensive influencer workshops focusing on monetisation, branding, and the basics of shooting and editing video, all aimed at kids in their early teens to mid-20s. This is Los Angeles’ Internet Celebrity Summer Camp. 

‘Social scientists and philosophers have long recognised the existence of a so-called beauty premium (or, in some cases, an ugliness penalty). Attractive lawyers and M.B.A. grads earn more in their careers than their average-looking brethren….The effect may be due in part to the human tendency to equate appearance, with character. In the eighteenth century, for instance, a face was believed to reflect its owner’s moral standing.’ “Virtue beautifies, and vice renders a man ugly,” Johann Kaspar Lavater, a respected theologian wrote. This from The New Yorker – Vote for Ugly. 

From Gui Curi. Why our capacity to actively listen to someone else is facing extinction and why it could save us all. ‘One of the single most difficult things to find these days is a true conversation.’ What we think are conversations have become in fact exchanges of statements; not in any way a build of topics based on empathetic understanding. Are you listening?

British Airways joins the list of airlines with ‘entertaining’ safety videos. However, with the likes of Thandie Newton, Sir Ian McKellen, Gordon Ramsay and Rowan Atkinson included, this one is worth a watch.

This Baltimore cop doesn’t realise his body camera is on, and films himself planting drugs at a crime scene. 

You all know what to expect if you click on this link. Finland breaks the skinny dipping world record. 749 individuals dipping for 5 minutes.