Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

7th July 2017

A fabulous print campaign from Ogilvy Thailand that did rather well at Cannes.This is Lego : Build The Future. 

Nice infographic from the Economist (source : Thomson Reuters) highlighting the market value of selected major US technology companies since 2000 (as % of combined total). Nice way of looking at the relative decline of  Microsoft, Cisco and IBM and the rise of the G.A,F.A. companies.

In 2008, The Atlantic sat down with the filmmaker David Lynch as he mused about inspiration and how to capture the flow of creativity. Now, they have animated his words of advice. “A lot of artists think that suffering is necessary,” he says. “But in reality, any kind of suffering cramps the flow of creativity.” (short video).

Some interesting stuff regarding the Blockchain, this week. This from @onlydeadfish – ‘Can The Blockchain Save Digital Advertising?’But the BAT (Basic Attention Token) is essentially an attempt to use the Blockchain to solve some of these very pressing digital advertising problems (BAT Whitepaper). BAT thus removes the need for verification and tracking, ensures the ad is seen by an actual human being, replaces multiple layers of the typical ad tech stack, and therefore improves user privacy and helps the publisher to properly monetise their content and attention by ensuring fewer middlemen and a more transparent market. BAT can even go further by rewarding the user for their attention. My related piece on the Blockchain here ( ‘The importance of the blockchain – the second generation of the internet’).

MIT’s has released its 50 Smartest Companies 2017. The top 5?  – Nvidia (intelligent machines), SpaceX (transportation), Amazon (connectivity), 23andMe (biomedicine) and Alphabet (connectivity).

Nice piece from @elevenfiftyfive – What is Content Anyway? ‘Audiences don’t want content. More often than not when we are making them ‘content,’ they want entertainment. Content is a delivery system. An entertainment delivery system. So let’s talk about entertainment, and the many forms it takes.’

The Economist draws a parallel between Jeremy Corbyn and successful disruptors in the world of business. …’most interesting businesses start life on the margins. They succeed by spotting underserved markets and inventing ways of reaching them. Disruptive innovators start off by producing unpolished products for the bottom of the market. Successful incumbents dismiss them as cranks. But as they improve their products they end up revolutionising their markets and humbling yesterday’s incumbents. Think of classified ads (Craigslist), long-distance calls (Skype), record stores (iTunes), taxis (Uber) and newspapers (Twitter).

A rather wonderful, informative and interactive tool that could also work really well in the world of Travel and Tourism – Wikipedia : The Text Adventure. 

HT to @neilperkin for this great example of interactive, scrolling storytelling. From SBNation – ‘What Football Will Look Like In The Future’. PS, whatever you are expecting, it won’t be this.

A celebration of New York in Cinema (a four minute video).