Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

31st March 2017

From Luciano Floridi – ‘This is what I have defined as the Fourth Revolution in our self-understanding. We are not at the centre of the Universe (Copernicus), of the biological kingdom (Charles Darwin), or of rationality (Sigmund Freud). And after Turing, we are no longer at the centre of the infosphere, the world of information processing and smart agency, either.’

@theeconomist on the inexorable rise of Amazon and how the only thing that may stop it, are the regulators. I like the prediction of Amazon becoming the global utility company for commerce, and an essential partner for many of it competitors. ‘Amazon is an extraordinary company. The former bookseller accounts for more than half of every new dollar spent online in America. It is the world’s leading provider of cloud computing. This year Amazon will probably spend twice as much on television as HBO, a cable channel.

Continuing to enjoy the content regularly shared by Brilliant Ads, via Twitter and LinkedIn. This is the latest Dettol ad, from their stream, Whose Hand Are You Holding?

Despite the fact that this research was commissioned by a newsprint organisation (Newsworks), I think it’s still worth a look. From the report – ‘Advertising aligned with news media is 85% more likely to attract new customers. Analysis of the last three years’ worth of winning entries to the IPA Effectiveness awards…found that newsbrands were a boon to advertisers’ long-term effectiveness, profit and penetration. Campaigns that use newsbrands are 43% more likely to generate “very large” market share growth, and twice as likely to deliver a reduction in price sensitivity and an increase in customer loyalty.

‘This wish to preserve life as we know it, even at the cost of dying, is profoundly human. We are encoded with the belief that death is the mother of beauty. And we are encoded, too, with the contradictory determination to remain exactly as we are, forever—or at least for just a bit longer, before we have to go. This is Silicon Valley’s ‘Quest To Live Forever.

Promoted stories placed at the bottom of some of the world’s most-respected websites are being gamed to show fake news. From @wired – We need to to talk about the internet’s fake Ad problem.

Interesting new report from the IPA, curated by @neilperkin, on the Future Of Agencies. Themes covered include – ‘customer experience,’ ‘agency as platform’, ‘the martech explosion’ and remuneration.

This is rather wonderful. A new online NASA library offers all your free space porn in one place.

‘In the famous street scene, the two are leaving the movies as she pauses over a grate to enjoy the breeze from the subway as it blows up her dress on a hot summer night. “Isn’t it delicious?” she purrs.’ From @NYT  – The Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe

Disney just shared a new, unreleased Pixar short on YouTube called Dante’s Lunch… A Short Tail.