Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

25th February 2017

Ten Breakthrough Technologies for 2017, courtesy of @MIT. The selection includes – ‘Paying With Your Face’, ‘Reversing Paralysis’ and ‘the 360 Degree Selfie.’

Interesting and perhaps surprising news. The IAB and YouGov believe the proportion of British adults who use the internet and are currently using ad-blocking software has stalled – staying at 22% for the past year.

From HBR, ‘Branding in the Age of Social Media’. This is a lengthy piece, but chock full of great observations and interesting terminology. We are offered, ‘Amplified Substructures’, ‘Turbocharged Artworlds’ and ‘Competing for Crowdcultures’. From the summary of the piece – ‘These…brands broke through in social media because they used cultural branding—a strategy that works differently from the conventional branded-content model. Each engaged a cultural discourse….in social media – a crowdculture – which espoused a distinctive ideology. Each acted as a proselytiser, promoting this ideology to a mass audience.’

The Innovation Station (tis.tv) is making a decent fist of being the hub for innovation videos on the web. Take look here.

Totally agree with this perspective on creativity from @wasbuxton ,which blows the concept of the ‘light-bulb’ ideation moment, out of the water. ‘My belief is…that the bulk of innovation behind the latest “wow” moment (multi-touch on the iPhone, for example) is low-amplitude and takes place over a long period – well before the “new” idea has become generally known, much less reached the tipping point. It is what I call The Long Nose of Innovation.’

Some great stuff here, From Open Strategy, The 54 most clicked articles from the first year of their newsletter.

Spotify’s latest campaign has fun with users’

ridiculous playlist names. How about – ‘I don’t know how to make a playlist’, is a playlist someone made, somehow. Click on the ads to see some more, entertaining examples.

So, I am always telling my kids to spend less time on computer games and do something ‘worthwhile’; after all it’s not like they can earn any money doing this later in life. Well, according to @wired you will be able to . ‘People with elite backgrounds are hoovering up an increasing share of new income and wealth. Automation is obviating more and more jobs. In the years to come, we’ll need new forms of employment. Let’s crystal-ball this: Will there be a new way for the working class of the future to earn a paycheck? Sure, playing video games.

Genius. The more you donate to this nonprofit to help sick children, the more colourful its ad gets.

From @Sun.These companies offer unlimited holidays…and they are hiring.