Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

13th Jan 2017

Well worth a watch. Predictions for 2017 from @profgalloway and @maureen_mullen (short video)  – ‘Amazon Go will prompt retailers to rethink the checkout experience, Google will continue dominating digital advertising, and Instagram will become the new Facebook as the original platform faces increased scrutiny over miscalculated metrics. Meanwhile, Snapchat’s IPO will be dead on arrival and Amazon will become the most valuable company in the world.

As the 3rd annual London Blockchain Week rolls into town, the importance of the blockchain is clearer than ever for businesses in the financial sector, but also for companies in other categories too. Here is my recent piece on the @econsultancy blog on the subject  – ‘The importance of the blockchain, the second generation of the internet.’ 

A WARC report on how brands can use virtual and augmented reality. ‘With more clutter in the marketplace and more marketing communication opt outs, brand experiences that can cut through are increasingly valuable.’

Wonderful, soulful story from @davetrott on how Abraham Lincoln achieved success in politics after seven false starts. All by listening to the advice of an 11 year old girl regarding the matter of whiskers.

A report from @contagious. ‘How brands can change attitudes’. Including interviews with VPs of global marketing, planning directors and group creative heads; the report shows brands overcoming entrenched beliefs in order to boost consideration, sales and change behaviour.

The founders of LinkedIn and eBay are donating a combined $20m to fund academic research aimed at ensuring the safety of artificial intelligences. If they are worried, then so should we be.

From @informationisbeautiful, two infographics worth looking at. Firstly an enlightening and, in some cases, sobering look at  ‘International Number Ones’… because every country is the best at something. And secondly, a scene by scene breakdown of Hollywood films – based on levels of veracity. Based on a true story?

Raconteur readers vote for their favourite fictional characters of all time. These are then delightfully brought to life in this infographic timeline.

A new film ‘Nerve’, provides a portrayal of a utopian world and the evolution of social media on film. Is it the perfect B-movie for the YouTube generation?

This guy has no trouble ski-stitching the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. The people trailing him want him to stack it, but it looks like they are going to be disappointed.