Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

6th January 2017

Is 2017 the year that the Internet will turn into ‘The Splinternet?’  ‘As domestic and geopolitical tensions continue to rise, governments will find it increasingly hard to function amidst a constant barrage of uncontrollable information and the threat of cyberattacks, making them grow more wary of the internet’s influence. That is why 2017 will be the year we see countries around the world pull the plug on the open, global internet and create their own independent networks – spelling the end of the World Wide Web as we know it.

The Queen is most certainly not dead. In the past few weeks alone, internet pranksters have “killed off” Queen Elizabeth, Tony Hawk, Miley Cyrus and Hugh Hefner, to name but a handful. This then, is how celebrity death hoaxes, power fake news . If you would like some assistance with real news in uncertain times like these, then Gossip Cop is a good place to go to.

From The Outline, here are the The Best Things On The Internet. We’ve heard this many, many times before, right? Nevertheless, there is some great stuff here, not least the quite amazing ZoomQuilt… will it never end?

Blockchain value is on the rise and making the news this week. From Raconteur a handy look at the future of blockchain in 8 charts.  And from NESTA – ‘2017 will be the year when the blockchain-based hardware, software and business models that offer a viable alternative reach maturity, ensuring that it is not just companies but individuals who can get real value from their personal data.

After all the talk, America’s first full scale hyperloop is happening in Las Vegas. Hyperloop’s promise of 1,100-kilometers-per-hour travel is shaping up to be one of the biggest possibilities for travel innovation this year. The full test will take place at Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas.

‘Beautiful buildings stand the test of time, imprinting in history a reminder of the rich culture of societies past.’ Raconteur presents the world’s most beautiful buildings as voted for by over 400 readers and architects.’ The top 3? The Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and the Chrysler Building.

It’s not a new story, but the power of Facebook and the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, has meant that Twitter has all but lost relevance with publishers. ‘It used to be one person on Facebook, one person on Twitter, and now it’s three people on Facebook and half a person on Twitter. We don’t see any media companies on our platform who are either having success driving traffic on Twitter or have that as a goal anymore.’

Tinder gets into the commercial space as Ford puts its Mustang model on the platform. “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford Mustang wants to take you on a blind date like no other”. Ten users that swipe right on the Mustang were paired up in blind dates that saw them hit the road in London, winding up at a retro drive-in movie. On a slightly ‘racier’ note, adult toy company OhMiBod, is inviting developers to integrate its internet-connected sex toys with popular dating platforms.

Not managed to get the latest tablet for Christmas and having to make do with an older version? Count yourself lucky. Here is the latest Android Tablet – North Korean ‘totalitarian’ version. 

As the NFL playoffs start, Lyft introduce the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jnr, into their Undercover campaign. Perhaps his hairstyle will give the game away?