Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

26th November 2016

Harking back to David Ogilvy’s famous quote, this is a great piece from the challengerproject.com – ‘the Customer is not a moron, she’s a YouTuber.’ ‘In a digital world so familiar with personal brand building, brands need to demonstrate self-awareness in their advertising – or risk being ignored.’

Up against some stiff previous competition, I would say that last weeks Google #Firestarters event, was the best one yet. Featuring Adam Morgan and Martin Weigel on ‘”the Power and Perils of ‘Fast’ in planning.” Well worth a read. 

WARC.com provided a really interesting webinar last week – ‘How does Advertising Creativity build better, stronger brands?’ The session covered – the role of emotion in advertising, how creativity influences us subconsciously and how the hidden power of creativity can be measured. Non subscribers to WARC can watch the webinar here.

A new permanent artwork by United Visual Artists, sited under a bridge near Paddington station in London, is a curiously moving tribute to the pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing who was born in the area. From creativereview.co.uk – the spirit of Alan Turing Haunts Paddington Bridge.

From Time Magazine, the 100 most influential images of all time. ‘Explore the stories behind the 100 images that changed the world’. 

Google has launched Google Earth VR. Get a taste of what to expect with this short video. More virtuality reality fun, as this experience allows you to climb Everest from the comfort of your living room. 

A peculiar look at the World Fairs of the past and how they imagined our future. A photographer documents the dramatic structures and relics of World Fair’s sites. ‘Lost utopias, how the world imagined its futures

This is rather fabulous and great fun, Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope) in one, scrolling, picture. 

Ok Go! are at it again. The colourful video for their latest song One Moment was shot in 4.2 seconds. Here is the short version and the slowed down version. 

Big ouch!! watch a sound man get annihilated by  Minnesota Vikings players running onto the field. ….And finally, struggling with the concept of ‘time’ and Evolution? Then watch the history of the earth played out on a football field.