Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

10th October 2014

1) The World’s 48 Most Contagious Myths & Falsehoods Quashed from eminent visualiser David McCandless.

2) Stories that Scale – from the smart folk at Brilliant Noise – Content is everything. It’s what you have to inspire the consumer, to answer their questions, solve problems, surprise, inform and delight them.

3) Roman Emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, on what his father taught him about humility, honour, kindness and integrity. True then and just as true today.

The way he handled the material comforts that fortune had supplied him in such abundance – without arrogance and without apology. If they were there, he took advantage of them. If not, he didn’t miss them.

No one ever called him glib, or shameless, or pedantic. They saw him for what he was: a man tested by life, accomplished, unswayed by flattery, qualified to govern both himself and others.

4) BBC Music unites Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Elton John for epic ad.

5) Social Networks are good for us? Apparently we now have too many friends – The New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova explains that social networks are already pushing us to the limits of friendship.

6) Thats what they are up to !!! – A comparison of how parents and their kids consume media.

7) Welcome to the Future – Pew’s new report on killer apps in the gigabit age.

8) On gaming –

How gaming is good for you. Minecraft is surrounded by a culture of literacy.

“I’ve never heard of anyone wearing out their brain.” From The Boston Globe Magazine: Do brain games work ?

9) This is rather wonderful – Compelling animations from the Science Illustration blog – Tabletop Whale.

10) From Cassetteboy – Cameron’s Conference Rap
…and some more stuff for the weekend – 

A Film of Rolling Cloud Formations That Make You Feel like You’re Underwater.

Oftentimes, photos can tell a better story than words. Here’s a pretty remarkable collection of photos of health care workers wrapped in plastic as they try to deal with the Ebola crisis.

Pithy, but quite fun – A History of Advertising in 60 Seconds.

From Mental Floss – 100 amazing facts that everyone should know.

A new podcast, from the Makers of American Life.

Brilliant Jerry Seinfeld rips advertising to shreds.

A subject we have looked at before, and always reassuring – Nobody knows what the hell they are doing……..