Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

22nd Dec 2017

From @wired. ‘The Internet Is Broken’. ‘So: what if we could start again? Would we really recreate the internet of today – or could we build something… better? Perhaps what we need is a coalition of technologists, scientists and politicians to redefine the internet’s ideals. Every founding document needs amendments. This will be a fractious partnership. What is the internet, really? A network blind to itself and exponentially growing in complexity. It may be too quick to grasp; a giant squid slipping through our fingers.’

Not the most ‘sexy’ of channels, but this research from Smart Insightsidentifies email as the most effective digital media channel; followed by Social, SEO and Social PPC.

Creative Review’s Ads Of The Year. Some of the brands featured include – IKEA, Heinz, Burger King, Nike, Santander and Gucci.

It’s Christmas and therefore time for the deluge of trend reports. This summary from Forbes, removes some of the legwork by ranking some of the contenders. According to this ranking, the best report is from the Foresight Factory and the worst is from JWT.

NESTA does not appear on the above list, but their predictions are always worth a look. Areas included are – the green internet, drones, smart machines, emotional surveillance and robot art. And, as they are always up for open discussion and scrutiny, here are their predictions for 2017 and how they are coming along.

Interesting piece on how similar language is used within organisations and how use of specific words, can be part of the process to create a desired company culture. 

This short video is spellbinding, with a chilling twist at the end. ‘An animator who fled Iran has made this two-and-a-half minute film for a refugee charity that helped him start forging a life in the UK.

This piece is from a while back, but love the proposition, and the delightful accompanying video of two men, who set out to walk every street in the five boroughs of New York City.

Perhaps one to consider over the holidays… ‘We are on the verge of total work’s realisation. Each day I speak with people for whom work has come to control their lives, making their world into a task, their thoughts an unspoken burden… If work dominated your every moment would life be worth living?’

This may be a tad sentimental for some, but other are calling this the best ad of this Christmas. From the BBC, a story that ‘illustrates the joy of a shared moment’ – The Supporting Act.

With the last newsletter of 2017, I’d like to thank all our subscribers for reading across the year. Wishing you all a wonderful festive break and the best for the New Year. See you again in 2018!