Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

16th September 2017

From The Conversation. Could the internet of things be sending us back to the middle ages? The underlying issue is ownership. ‘(But) the expansion of the internet of things seems to be bringing us back to something like an old feudal model, where people didn’t own the items they used every day. In this 21st-century version, companies are using intellectual property law – intended to protect ideas – to control physical objects consumers think they own.

@mondaynote on the ‘The Level 5 Fallacy of Autonomous Cars.’ (Level 5 means going from point A to point B with a fraction, say 1/10th, of today’s accident rate. No ifs, no buts, no steering wheel). It’s a great vision, but one that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

From @adliterate. ‘The ad industry hates the word “and”. Instead, if we are really honest, we much prefer the word “or”. We tend to be “or” sorts of people. Ours is a binary world. You can grow the market or grow the brand, not both. You can seek more penetration or greater weight of purchase, not both. You can build the brand or sell the product, not both. You can buy route one or route two, not both. You can have it good or fast, not both. ‘And’ – this one word could deliver real brand transformation.

Loads of stuff about the new iPhone this week. Since it was introduced 10 years ago, the iPhone has added a great deal to our lives. Here, however is a look at some of the things it has destroyed.

During Apple’s big event on Tuesday, the presenter tried unlock an iPhone X using Apple’s new face recognition system, Face ID, but it didn’t work. Perhaps they should have asked Arya from Game of Thrones, to help out.

13 keys to success in Digital Marketing in a single map.

Worried about the upcoming change in data laws? This piece from @econsultancy suggests that you should be welcoming G.D.P.R. ‘ Why anyone whose business relies on personal data would be ungrateful for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a mystery to me: it is a huge step in the right direction, designed to benefit data holders and consumers alike. There are costs to becoming ready, and the potential risk of being fined for non-compliance – but these are short-term problems, which will soon be forgotten in the wake of a more transparent, efficient data economy.

The BBC has made a drama for Amazon Echo and Google Home. “Hello, my name is Dave,” says a female voice as the story begins. “I hope life has been comfortable in the containment room?”

Concerned about what you share on social media? Relax. The offspring of various dictators are having a high old time, telling us all about it and getting away with it. From The Economist : ‘The Mugabe brothers are having a night out again. Here they are showing off their outfits: distressed white denim, high-top sneakers, statement sunglasses. Now they’re in a VIP booth at a club, swaying and swigging from bottles of Moët & Chandon while the music pumps. At some point they will post a flame emoji, indicating that the evening is “lit”.

A sex robot appeared on This Morning, and yes, it’s as uncomfortable as you would imagine. On a more harmonious note, here is a video of a panda eating (decimating?) a bamboo shoot.