Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

4th February 2017

Moving from Globalisation towards Multipolarity.’ The Credit Suisse Research Institute examines the end of globalisation as we know it and the passage from globalisation to multipolarity – as regions become more distinct in terms of their economies, laws, cultures and security networks.  This chimes strongly with this excellent slide-share on the rising importance of Nationalism amongst Millennials.

Yes, ideas are becoming harder to find. According to this analysis, US T.F.P. (Total Factor Productivity) growth is lower than it was in 1930, despite the fact that we now have 25 times more researchers. 

Excellent, happy this has been cleared up now. The ever insightful @neilperkin on the difference between Multi-Channel and Omnichannel.

@adcontrarian on the recent speech by Marc Pritchard of P&G, calling out abuses in the online advertising ecosystem; specifically around viability, fraud and verification.  ‘Are they really going to require Facebook and Google to open the kimono and let us see what’s going on through 3rd party verification? That would be big’.

From @wired. ‘Indiana Jones meets Google Earth, as GlobalXplorer lets you hunt for hidden heritage sites’.

‘Imagine if next time you saw a plan for an oversized monster tower block proposed for your street, you could get out your smartphone and swipe left to oppose it? Or see a carefully designed scheme for a new neighbourhood library and swipe right to support it?’ How tech is making urban planning more inclusive.’ Welcome to Tinder for Cities.

From the always interesting @challengerproject : 20 Challengers to watch in 2017. Covering categories as diverse as fitness, finance and football, and from new start-ups catching the attention to $16bn mega challengers.

Is this (really?) the first evidence that our Universe is a hologram?  A team of theoretical physicists at the University of Southampton believes it has found signs our Universe is an illusion, by studying the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – radiation left over from the Big Bang.

From @wired, the world’s most toxic countries, laid bare on this alarming map. 

And to finish, here are some sports stories on the weekend of the Super Bowl. Rather amusing piece on why the New England Patriots are even sneakier than you think. Could this be the most obvious and embarrassing basketball ‘flop’ ever recorded?. And love this video of a football game where players deliberately missed penalties, following some ‘absurd’ referring decisions.