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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

21st June 2014

1) A great example of the innovative work being celebrated at Cannes Lions 2014 – Nivea’s kid-tracking app and bracelet. 

Here a list of winners from The Drum.

2) From WSJ: “Google just bought a company that could have a bigger impact on its bottom line and on the world than any other recent acquisition by the search giant or its tech brethren” … And here’s what Skybox could allow Google to accomplish: Within a couple of years, when you want to know whether you left your porch light on, or if your teenager borrowed the car you forbade her to drive… you might check Google Maps. 

3) From NASA – The Moon Art Collection. 

And these gifs are a clever idea – “Climate Name Change” Turns Delusional Politicians Into Natural Disasters. 

4) Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy, in a glorious vintage pop-up book, with animated GIFs to boot. 

5) 10 Tips to really succeed after graduating. Some simple and clever infographics that are relevant for all of us. 

6) Proof that all Creative Work Is Derivative. A brilliant and beautiful short animation from flmmaker Nina Paley. Paley photographed archaeological artefacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and animated them to illustrate her point: ‘All creativity builds upon something that existed before and every work of art is essentially a derivative work’. 

7) From The New Statesman – The Internet is an ‘Answer Machine’… it doesn’t help us ask better questions… 

8) Really? After decades of searching, scientists say they’ve found evidence of an underground vast reservoir that holds enough water to fill the Earth’s oceans three times over. 

9) ‘If a piece of content makes a reader feel a certain way, the reader is more likely to share it on social media. BuzzSumo’s Noah Kagan analysed the top 10% of articles that get shared online. From those articles, he found that articles that make a reader feel “awe” get shared most. Making a reader laugh means a higher probability of sharing too. Articles that make people feel sad get shared infrequently’ ( of course…). 

10) I’d say this was a pretty risky (and risqué) creative strategy but it looks like it has hit the mark ( judging at least by the noise surrounding this video ) . From sanpro start-up HelloFlo

Why Print isn’t Dying

17th Oct 2013

We all love a good ‘Print is Dead’ story. These crop up regularly, in part because there is often substance to them, but also because journalists and especially sensational (web) journalists often go for big punchy titles – and these type of definitive statements make for good copy. Continue reading