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10 Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week . 24/5/14

1) A short Kickstarter Video : The Future of Work and Death. The great Will Self opines – ‘Most work is in fact a waste of time’. 

2) As ever the excellent David Hepworth writes brilliantly on the future of magazines and their relationship with advertisers: “Advertisers want to sleep with you but also want you to remain a virgin. They want to believe the favours they were granted are not being extended to the next hobbledehoy who comes along.” 

3) Google knocks Apple from the Most Valuable Brand top spot. 

4) David Bowie on the true measure of creative success – animated. 

5) Edward Snowden is now a comic-book hero. 

6) Google wants to be a gaming company – Looking to buy ‘Twitch’ : a service that allows people to share video recordings of games played on consoles. 

7) Spotify has just acquired it’s 10 millionth user – But It’s Not Making Money – As one analyst explains: “In many ways, the preferred solution [for Spotify] would be to get sold to someone. But they’ve become too successful.” 

8) GoPro is looking at a $100 million IPO and wants to turn itself into a publisher. 

9) Interesting piece from Frederic Filloux – Time to Rethink the Newspaper Seriously – Interesting content drawn from the New York Times Innovation Report , cross referenced with the views of the Editor of the Financial Times, Lionel Barber, in his digital roadmap published in Jan 2013. 

10) Rather Fun. An artist takes movie posters a little too literally. 

Why Digital Natives Are Not The Future

Why Digital Natives are not the Future

19th Oct 2013

We often talk in hushed and reverent tones about the motivations and media habits of ‘Digital Natives’ – how this group is different from previous generations in terms of their interaction with technology and media channels; and from a marketing perspective, how we can best communicate with them and persuade them.
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