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Ten Stories From This Week

13th Feb 2021

From Wunderman Thompson. Meaningful Travel. ‘With a return to travel on the horizon as vaccinations slowly begin rolling out, travelers are reconsidering what they want out of a trip. After a year of heightened isolation and loneliness, they’re not just looking to get away; they’re looking for meaningful connection and opportunities for self-reflection.’ …and from NYT, Travel and the Art of Anticipation; ‘For most people, going on vacation during the pandemic has been the stuff of dreams. But as vaccination becomes a reality, it’s time to start nurturing your travel imagination.’ Still with the world of travel and tourism, like this new  campaign from the U.A.E. – Visitors get a taste of space with ‘Martian Ink’ passport stamps. (1′ 23″)

From Marketing Week. Amelia Torode on accepting uncertainty as a fact of life, then trying to find inspiration in the everyday.

Pink seesaws on the US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020.

Love this from gratefulness.org. ‘This Valentine’s Day, let’s choose love over borders. We need movements rooted in love right now, movements powered not by difference and exclusion and punishment, but by common ground, compassion, humility, healthy boundaries, patience and healing. “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.” ~ Ernesto Che Guevara

Salisbury Cathedral is joining Britain’s vaccination drive, and its organists are providing a musical accompaniment. They’re even taking requests. An organ recital, with a coronavirus shot. 


The UK Economy is not doing well. In fact you have to go back to 1709 to find a comparable financial downturn. In that year, thecountry was hit by a deep freeze that spread across Europe. Temperatures plummeted on 5 January, bringing with it the worst winter in 500 years and freezing over several countries, including France, England and Russia. The ‘Great Frost’, as it came to be known, lasted for three months and sparked food shortages, thousands of deaths… and a huge deficit to the economy.

No Mardi Gras this year? That hasn’t stopped ‘Float houses’ popping up all over New Orleans.

Compulsive viewing. Acapella group doing Windows noises. (29″)

Wonderful. ‘We took a telescope around the streets of Los Angeles to give passersby an up-close look at a familiar object: a new view of themoon. Typical response? Oh my God….! (3’18”)

And finally, breathtaking – Murmurations tonight. (39″).And here is thescience behind it.