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Ten Stories From This Week

20th September 2021

From @Storythings. ‘If I was to ask you what was the most important invention of the 20th century, you might mention the car, the television, the computer, or the internet. But there’s another invention that had such a huge impact on culture and society that people would organise their lives around it, and it drove the growth of multi-billion dollar industries. Despite this, most of us wouldn’t think of it as an invention at all, as it seems to have always just been there. So here’s a brief history of one of the most important overlooked inventions of modern times: the TV schedule.’

Emotional, Intense and Necessary – The campaign supporting the UK’s NHS Workers. When They Need It the Most. Dial 0808 19 665 19 to leave your message of support. (two minute video)

Detailed report on the Metaverse, from Wunderman Thompson.Interest in the metaverse has peaked this year—the number of searches for the word increased more than tenfold from 2020 to 2021, according to Google Analytics. Media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post and the Guardian have all published extensive articles probing its implications. Companies from Epic Games to Microsoft to Facebook and SK Telecom have publicly announced plans to build metaverse worlds.’

The 1,000 Dreams Project. One thousand refugee stories, by refugees. If sometimes the refugee crisis seems distant and perhaps faceless, this project brings the issue vividly and wonderfully to life. 

Writing advice from Matt Stone & Trey Parker (from South Park) @ NYU. Useful anytime we are making a case or argument. It’s all about using the words ‘but’ and ‘therefore’. (2′.14″)

The most unexpectedly wholesome place on the internet, is the replies to NASA’s Rovers on social media. From XKCD comic.

The Alpine Edelweiss Beer Ad that’s giving us the space we all crave right now. (58″)

AI movie posters. Each of these images was generated by AI based on a brief text description of a movie. Can you guess the movie from the image?

Nice new work from Google. The more we learn, the closer we get.
‘It’s not our questions that define us, it’s what we do with the answers.’ @MarcusRashford narrates, celebrating the power of questions in building unity. #itsOKtoAsk

Russell Kane tweet on difference between coffee and green tea.Have a soft spot for Mr Kane as he was the presenter of the Travel Marketing Awards in March 2020 just before the lockdown started. He was in great spirits then and it was also the night that my company (MDSG) won the trophy for Advertising Agency of the Year, for the second year running 😁