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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

1st December 2018

‘Consumer appetite for wellbeing, stress management and health is prompting a continued evolution of new products and services to help soothe unstable, constantly connected lifestyles. Against this backdrop of empowerment and wellness, technology’s reach is being re-examined, making way for an increased focus on ethics and privacy.’ JWT’s Innovation Group presents The Future 100 2019, an annual snapshot of the year ahead and the most compelling trends to keep on the radar.

Eamon Kelly, senior analyst at Edgewater Research, tells Recode that brands are increasingly choosing to end their relationship with Amazon rather than cave in to its demands.‘I don’t think Amazon understands how close they are to blowing themselves up.’ Meanwhile…’Amazon.com Inc. handles nearly half of all online sales in the U.S., giving it a popular platform and a wealth of consumer data. Now it’s on track to become the next juggernaut of online advertising – Amazon, with little fanfare, emerges as an advertising giant’

Accenture Interactive creates a striking campaign to urge people to #takenotice of Breast Cancer Awareness month. If one of the most touched and photographed breasts in the world suddenly developed a lump, would anyone notice?

For advertising people, this is particularly worrying given current UK political shenanigans. From Ipsos MORI – people have more faith in politicians than advertising execs. 

US Army soldiers will soon wear HoloLens AR goggles in combat. Microsoft has won a $480 million deal to supply more than 100,000 augmented-reality headsets to the US Army. 

Future Of Storytelling’s, FoST for Good project continues apace, seeking to make the world a better place, from climate advocacy to women’s rights, from immigration to prison reform.

One, especially for our US readers. Why does “y’all” divide the US north from south, not east from west?’ ‘Researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the UK …have been investigating regional variations in language in the US, using an algorithm to mine tens of thousands of responses. They suggest one reason for the horizontal spread of dialects could be that the colonisation of the US took place largely in an east-to-west direction.’

‘Conch shells, origami and citrus fruit all stand in for that most unique part of the anatomy. Libresse honours the noble vulva like never before – Viva La Vulva’

The countries where robot adoption is happening faster than expected. Top three in the charts are South Korea,Singapore and Germany.The US are 7th and the UK 20th.

adam&eveDDB subvert the norms of the festive season with a campaign to raise awareness of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ work, to reunite missing people with their families across the world. The one gift Santa can’t deliver. 

How nine men get over a very high wall, very quickly – #teamwork. And finally, a really engaging video narrative from Gamble Aware – Is gambling taking away our love of the game? Can we have our ball back please?